It’s been a long time I have written an article. Can’t wait for you to read this one.

Okay! What and why’s of Virtual Scrolling in Angular it is!! Let’s get started

What is virtual scrolling?

Loading only the required amount of data to display to the end-user at a given point of time

Why do we need Virtual Scrolling?

In real-world applications, there are scenarios where we need to load a huge data set of values to a select dropdown/div blocks from which the users can select a value(s).

Let’s suppose we have to load 10k records into a select dropdown from which the user…

If you are working on an Angular project, there will be several pages where data is represented using a table structure.

One of the libraries we can leverage is the Angular material library ( The material library’s table component will not only make our lives easy to build a table with the given data but also seamlessly integrate basic functionalities such as Pagination, Sorting and Search operations 😍.

To be in line with the DRY (Don’t Repeat Your Code) principle, let us develop a dynamic mat-table component and reuse it where ever necessary.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the…

#Flask #Python #Fullstack

Being a FullStack developer is a wonderful experience as I have to juggle between the front-end and back-end tasks simultaneously. With Angular 9 in the front-end and Flask framework in the back-end along with the Oracle DB, I am architecting and developing a project.

Recently, I have encountered a bug from the server-side Flask API (A micro-framework of Python) which falls in lines of — “typeerror parse() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘locations’ in flask-apispec line 46.”

I started debugging the code concerning server logs stack-trace. I have peeked the file in the flask-apispec library…

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